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OCTEON is Marvell's magnificent network processor family, enabling massive processing of packet data simultaneously on up to 48 cores. However, the SDK that comes along with this processor looks like it was developed in the Stone Age: it offers no support for C++ and no graphical IDE to develop and debug your code. Here, we present white papers on steaming up your Octeon development, getting SSL support for Octeon and more.

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Using C++ on Cavium OCTEON
By default there is no support for C++ on the OCTEON SDK, so no shiny classes and inheritance on the Octeon. Right? Wrong! In this white paper, we present a method to change your SDK to a fully featured C/C++ development
Using Eclipse with Cavium OCTEON SDK
By default, when developing code for the OCTEON all you get from the SDK is a blinking cursor in a Linux terminal. No way to use a full featured graphical IDE with color schemes and auto completion. Right? Wrong! This white paper presents a method on how to change a standard Eclipse IDE handling Octeon SDK projects and
Debugging OCTEON with Eclipse
When developing code from Eclipse, it would also be nice if it could be debugged from Eclipse in one go. This white paper tells you how to setup Eclipse so you can single step, watch variables and much more from a graphical
Running wolfSSL on Cavium OCTEON
This whitepaper is intended for software developers and system integrators who need to implement an SSL/TLS stack on a Cavium Octeon Device. It offers a step by step guide on how to modify the wolfSSL code and the Octeon crypto-api to fully take advantage of the multi core

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