Sirius Voip Transcoder

Transcoding is know as the digital-to-digital conversion from one encoding scheme to another. The Phact IP Engine is a device capable of transcoding up to 2500 Voip conversations simultaneously. This is achieved by using hardware acceleration for transcoding and packet processing. For transcoding the Vocallo DSP-chip is used, for network processing the obvious choice is Cavium's Octeon.
Because the IP Engine transcoder needed support for IPV6, we decided to redesign the software completely and use Sirius as the cornerstone of the design. The advantages for the application programmer are:

  • Sirius takes care of UDP, RAW and TCP session related bookkeeping, so the application program becomes less complex.
  • Due to the dual stack mode support of Sirius, the application designer does not need to worry about IPV4 or IPV6 sessions. Just use IPV6 sessions and enable support for dual stack mode and IPV4 and IPV6 sessions are both handled.
  • Lots of Voip packets need to be transmitted multiple times (for example to a Voip client, to MOS score measurement devices and to big data analisys devices). Thanks to the hardware accelerated retransmit function of Sirius, multiple transmissions of the same packet does not lay a burden on the system performance.

Voip Transcoder Phact IP Engine transcoder. Capable of transcoding 2500 Voip conversations simultaneously...

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