Sirius IPV6/IPV4 Proxy

IPV6 has been around since 1994, but has not yet gained a large momentum. The reason for this is obvious: a lot of the installed IT equipment is only capable of handling IPV4 traffic and not able to switch to IPV6. As long as there are new IPV4 addresses available, all looks well and there is no need to migrate to IPV6. However, in June 2015, Apple rocked the boat by stating that from iOS9 on, every app should support IPV6 because "carriers in several regions of the world are now deploying IPv6-only networks. This emphasizes the importance of making your application work well for everyone, everywhere."

We designed an IPV6 to IPV4 proxy that reroutes every IPV6 IP-packet to a programmable IPV4 destination and vice versa. It is up to our customers to use this solution until the end of days or use it to buy some time to migrate their servers to IPV6...

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