Sirius Linux driver

When using Linux on OCTEON, one might want to use the Octeon-driver that comes with the SDK. This driver interfaces Linux to the hardware of Octeon and one can use Linux as a generic version. A big disadvantage of the OCTEON-driver is its disruptive behavior. Each time it processes a packet, it receives an interrupt, changing the atomic tag, does its processing and exits. Changing the atomic tag is a killer as the Sirius stack uses atomic tags for locking its bookkeeping. So using the OCTEON-driver together with Sirius is not an option if you want to run the application on multiple cores.
The Sirius Linux driver enables the network function of Linux when running a Sirius application without changing the atomic tag, so you can run your application on Linux and on multiple cores!
A tutorial on how to install the Sirius Linux driver on your system is available in the white paper section.

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