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Company history

Sirius is powered by Phact, a one stop shop for software and hardware solutions, support and consultancy. Phact was founded in 2015 with 25 years of experience in the business.

How? Phact originated when a group of people with loads of experience decided to focus on a new horizon. Many of our employees have worked in the telecommunication sector for years and took their expertise to this new endeavor. Phact was born.

Our people have been developing telecom hardware and software for VoIP- and SS7 carriers since 1991. They also have been busy with research and development, support and management. Our own engineers developed stable and professional hardware and software. Additionally, we provided our customers with support and management of their solutions.

Knowledge is a key part of our business. Therefore, we are engaged in close partnerships with universities and our professional suppliers. Phact might still be very young, but we carry years of experience in software and hardware development, support, management and consulting.

who-we-are Working at Phact is not just working with technology, it is also having lots of fun. Like visiting CERN in Genève, Switzerland!

Product history

Our bright minds developed Sirius because no product out there fitted our needs.
Back in 2008, we concluded that our generic Linux and Windows servers weren’t capable of handling loads of UDP and TCP connections, needed by the increasing demand for VOIP telephony. After a thorough evaluation period, we selected the Marvell OCTEON network processor family to offload the VOIP traffic from our servers to Octeon processor boards.

Soon after working with OCTEON, the need for an efficient TCP/UDP/IP protocol stack emerged. We played around with optimizing the Linux TCP stack for multicore on Octeon-Linux but got poor results. After realizing there was no TCP stack available that was written especially for the OCTEON architecture, we decided to develop our own stack for OCTEON and build it from the ground up. Sirius was born.

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We provide the best network solutions for your TCP stack, STUN Servers and SSL offloaders based on OCTEON platforms.

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